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Casing stones of polished limestone protected the skin and reflected the sunlight people could, without magnification, see from Israel and from the moon.

Enlil beamed Anu to shuttle to Earth and shoot the miners’ leaders and their instigator (he implied Enki). Though the miners wouldn’t inform Ninurta who led or incited them, but Anu felt for them.

Anunnaki cycled home. First they rocketed to Mars. From Mars extended-length spaceships raced to intercept and land on Nibiruas it moved by away from its perigee. “Benefitting from Mars’ lessen gravity in comparison with Earth’s, the Anunnaki located it less complicated to move them selves as well as their cargos in shuttlecraft from Earth to Mars, and there transfer to reach Nibiru. Mars experienced water, walled buildings, roadways, a hublike compound” and also the statue of Alalu’s experience. [

Nibiran overseers directed products and water together the channels with “a levitation unit that tapped into your magnetic articles from the stones–precisely the same way modern day trains float previously mentioned electromagnetic tracks. The levitation device assisted them elevate stones heavier than ten tons.

for Adapa’s smartest descendants. The Brotherhood gave them Highly developed scientific knowledge along with the truth of the matter that Earthlings are tailored Nibirans and that Nibirans weren’t gods. [

Lots of Sumerians who survived the fallout fled Marduk. “Refugees got asylum all within the Mesopotamia. They transformed their host nations around the world into flourishing states. Some ventured into additional distant lands, accompanying the displaced gods.

A pc, dated one hundred many years before Jesus, found in 1900 on the island of Antikythera near Crete contained a method of differential gears not regarded to happen to be utilized till the sixteenth century.

“Walls, conduits, receptacies, channels form a series of water-channeling structures one earlier mentioned the opposite; rain or spring anchor water could movement from level to level. A huge hircular area enclosed by megalithic ashlars lies underground at a level permitting the running off with the water from the circular area–a big-scale gold-panning facility. The water was flowed off througth the sluice-chamber and absent with the labyrinth.

They flew me to Boston to get my professional medical & blood tests carried out by a Harvard Professor. The outcome of my blood test was that I have an not known blood ailment/bloodline that's not usual human blood. I had no clue what any of the bloodline things was about visit site at this time.

to him the approaching calamity reveal. A ship the watery avalanche can stand up to, a submersible just more info here one, to create him explain to, the likes of which on this tablet to you I'm showing.

Enlil then landed his rocket within the mount and, with the amplifier advised the people today what he wanted. That they had to convey they’d obey. He experienced Moses produce a temple and a box (an “Ark of the Covenant”) that sported two gold cherubs) for tablets of his orders.

The Saschuaman promontory, “shaped just like a triangle with its base to your northwest,” rises eight hundred ft higher than the city down below.

Olmec constructions appeared suddenly throughout Yucatan, without prior improvement. The ceremonial center at Itza aligned with a few-mile markers along a north-south line. Heads ended up buried about one CE as Olmecs retreated south. Pyramids laid out south to north to permit transit-sightings.

Ningishzidda ready way too; he inscribed “ancient wisdom on two wonderful pillars and hid sacred objects and scrolls within them. [Hauck,

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